Lesley Choyce - Biography

Prolific author Lesley Choyce was born in Riverside, New Jersey in 1951. He studied at East Carolina University, Livingston College, received a B.A. from Rutgers University, an M.A. from Montclair State College, and another M.A. from the City University of New York Graduate Centre. Choyce immigrated to Canada in 1978, where he has dabbled in corn-farming, well-digging, journalism, rehabilitation counselling, and janitorial work, in addition to gaining Canadian citizenship. Similarly, he has worked in a variety of genres including autobiography, history, young adult novels, adult novels, philosophy, poetry and even a photonovel called Magnificent Obsessions (1991)—work that has totaled more than eighty books. Dance the Rocks Ashore (1997) is a collection of short stories, while his poetry includes collections such as The Coastline of Forgetting (1995), and Revenge of the Optimist (2004). His satirical mock utopia novel The Republic of Nothing (1994) delves into numerous political concerns arising from the Cold War era. While keeping up with this prodigious output, he has worked in film, music, radio and television, including his syndicated book talk show Choyce Words. He started Pottersfield Press, publisher of several books a year as well as The Pottersfield Portfolio. He also has taught creative writing at Dalhousie University. Choyce lives on Lawrencetown Beach, on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, where he surfs year-round and has recorded poetry/music albums with the Surf Poets. On his decision to become a writer, Lesley Choyce says "when writing turned out to be work as well as fun, I stuck with it anyway simply because it seemed too late to turn back. I stuck mostly to fiction where it seemed that the facts need not get in the way of the truth but then as time went on I found that some of the facts of my own life were more revealing than the fictional truths I create."