Bernice Morgan - Biography

Bernice Morgan’s interest in the “permanence of things and the impermanence of people” impelled her to write the best-selling sagas Random Passage (1992) and Waiting for Time (1994), her best-known works. The novels inspired the CBC mini-series Random Passage (2002) starring Colm Meaney and Aoife McMahon, which drew in about 1.2 million viewers even on Super Bowl night. Random Passage and its history of the fictional settlement of Cape Random has become required reading for some Newfoundland high school students. The name Cape Random derives from the Newfoundland birthplaces of her parents, Random Island and Cape Island. However, Morgan was born in St. John’s in 1935. She worked in public relations for Memorial University and The Newfoundland Teacher’s Association prior to retiring in 1986 to write full-time. A familiar figure on the Newfoundland literary scene, Morgan served on Killick Press’s editorial board as well as on the executive of The Writer’s Alliance and The Newfoundland Writer’s Guild. Her play Big Game was performed at the Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Festival in 1997, while her short stories have appeared in literary magazines like Fiddlehead, Grain and TickleAce as well as in her short-story collection The Topography of Love (2000). In 1996 she was Newfoundland Artist of the Year and in 1998 Memorial University granted her an honorary degree.