Over the past decades we have witnessed an explosion of literature coming out of Atlantic Canada, and Atlantic-Canadian writers are becoming more and more recognized not just on the national literary scene but internationally as well. Despite the growing volume and prominence of Atlantic-Canadian literature, however, the region’s writers receive comparatively little critical attention, and resources for the study and teaching of Atlantic-Canadian literature are relatively slim. This website is intended as a partial remedy to that situation. It provides information about writers in Atlantic Canada, including descriptions of some of their novels, collections of short stories, collections of poems, and plays, as well as sources for the study of their work. The site also provides lists of sources for the study of Atlantic Canada—literary critical sources, historical sources, and social and cultural material—as well as links to other useful websites. The site features profiles of some of the better-known Atlantic-Canadian writers—George Elliott Clarke, Anne Compton, Wayne Johnston, Wendy Lill, Alistair MacLeod, Lisa Moore, and David Adams Richards—and many more.

Waterfront Views is a selective rather than exhaustive introduction to current literary activity on Canada's East Coast. Most of the writers featured here have established their reputations over the last twenty years, and one of the principles governing selection of which writers to profile has been to provide a sense of the geographical and generic variety of contemporary writing in Atlantic Canada.

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